MAP Magazine – Review of Our World – the World to Come by Esther Draycott

Shared Desktop Publication (Contribution) – RSA Edinburgh, Kate Frances Lingard

Tunnels, Spirals, Lattices, Cobwebs, 2019


Text and four colour risograph edition produced with SundaysPrint for Lunchtime Gallery

Chains Publication (Contribution) – Julia Gerke, Julia Carolin Kothe

A chain may consist of two or more links

chains is a zine featuring contemporary artists, designers and curators. The project was initiated from the observation that chains (in the broadest sense) increasingly appear in contemporary art as material, concept or as form. chains does not look for a general interpretation but rather for a snippet of diverse approaches and works that will be linked by the zine.

The curated collection of recent works will raise questions of why chains, loops and linking processes are a theme which repetitively occur in current art practices and how the (ambivalent) meaning of chains continually shift. This is the first publication of a series that examine individual artist practices through a selected material or object.

Julia Gerke and Julia Carolin Kothe are working collaboratively on projects between Mainz (DE) and Glasgow (UK). Their artistic practice alternates between their own work and the creation of different platforms in collaboration with and for other artists. These platforms appear in various forms such as projects in public space, publications or exhibitions. Their aim is to support and strengthen a solidarity network between friends, friends of friends and creatives from all over the world.

They cry out through stones to each other, 2019 – Publication